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Urban Wildlife Solutions offers Rat Removal Services in Houston and surrounding areas.

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Urban Wildlife Solutions offers Birds Removal Services in Houston and surrounding areas.

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Urban Wildlife Solutions offers Raccoon Removal Services in Houston and surrounding areas.

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Urban Wildlife Solutions offers Squirrel Removal Services in Houston and surrounding areas.

Are you hearing noise in the attic?

Were you hearing noise in your attic before summer time and then it just stopped? As the cooler months return, so will your unwanted guests and the noise will resume. It's easy to forget that you have (or had) something in you attic when your aren't hearing it scurrying around overhead. The most efficient way to be free of unwanted animals is to keep them from entering; this can easily be accomplished by identifying and sealing any animal entry points. The best time to seal these entry points, of course, is when your attic is animal-free. If you think you currently have (or have had) something living in your attic, give us a call. By using our squirrel removal service, Raccoon removal service, Bird removal service or other wildlife removal service we can locate and seal the animal's entry points now and thereby prevent them from coming back into your attic again.


Wildlife control will be a problem for 90% of homeowners at some point. Urban Wildlife Solutions has a Humane answer for those problems. As residential and commercial development continues to expand more and more wildlife is finding its way into our homes. Squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats and other animals can be a nuisance, but they can also be a hazard. If you are looking for raccoon removal service, squirrel removal service, rat removal service or other animal control problems we can help. The most common calls are for squirrel removal service, raccoon removal service and rat removal service. These animals can cause major damage that result in costly repair work. Its best to deal with them as soon as you hear the scratching and chewing began.

Animal Traps

TRAPPING AND RELOCATING THE ANIMAL IS NOT A GOOD IDEA. Often when an animal is relocated it's a female and if she has babies they are left behind and die, usually in your attic or walls. Often the relocated animal dies as well. We do not use animal traps unless the animal is sick or a danger to you. Other times traps maybe used is if the animal is inside your house and a trap is the best way to remove it so that no damage occurs to the animal or your house. If this is the case the animal is released outside, not relocated. If you use animal traps to relocate the animal, the animals in that area are going to make it very hard for the new guy to find food and shelter. This is why the relocated animal often dies. Relocating an animal is NOT a Humane method to wildlife control.

Humane Solutions

The answer is to evict the animal from your home and make it so it can't get back in. This is the most EFFECTIVE and HUMANE way to do it. Animal traps are not needed. The use of a oneway door will allow the animal to exit your home on it's own, but will not allow it to return. Normally this happens the same day. Once the animal(s) are out the one way door will keep it from returning. Once this happens we remove the one way door and seal up the entry hole. This works with squirrel removal, raccoon removal and other wildlife that makes a home in your attic.

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